Our history

We are authentic and true.

We are the point of reference for purchasing footwear in Camisano Vicentino, because ours is a true story.
It was 1925 when great-grandfather Giovanni, a renowned shoemaker, opened his first shop in the heart of Longare with the display of the first shoes created by him. It was precisely that year that he won the "Gold Medal and Grand Prize Cross" for best footwear creation at the Rome trade fair.
A life-long story, passed from father to son. Today the pillars of our history remain for our protection and their passion is always with us and in our stores. Professionalism is the thread that binds past and present, together with the joy and competence of the MILLE925 staff.

In our shop in Camisano Vicentino you will find a wide selection of shoes for women and men. Our proposals are based on scrupulous care in the choice of materials to offer adequate comfort , without ever forgetting elegance and fashion.
Many Italian brands represent excellence in the footwear sector and our goal is to focus on "MADE in ITALY" products, convinced of the excellent quality of the leather, soles and ITALIAN manufacturing.
The "Italian shoe" is present in our store, with its craftsmanship and excellent materials for every type of shoe and in the same way comfort marries style. For each customer his shoe, even of European manufacture, the result of careful work  selection which thanks to our experience gratifies our customers by offering a varied 360° choice .