Cross or delight for each of us, shoes are the most important item of clothing and the success or otherwise of our walking depends on them. It is therefore a good thing to take care of them.

  • Calf and kid leather shoes

Daily remove dust with the brush and from time to time apply neutral or colored polish.
If there is mud, wait until it is dry and then brush it off. If necessary, rinse the shoe quickly with warm water. Be careful not to completely immerse the shoe, otherwise the leather risks being ruined.
Dry it well with a cloth or leave it to dry in the open air.

Atmospheric agents and wear can cause the leather to dry out and deteriorate. It is a good rule to apply a thin layer of neutral or colored polish on the shoe from time to time. Good advice: it is better to use vegetable fat instead of animal fat on leather shoes, not only for an ethical reason but because animal fat widens the pores of the skin and therefore reduces its waterproofness once gone.

  • Patent leather shoes

Keeping your patent leather shoes clean is very simple.
To remove dust, just use a damp cloth and neutral soap.
This way the upper of your shoes will shine again.

  • Suede or nubuck shoes

They are easier to maintain than you think. Clean the shoe with a cloth soaked in water and a little Marseille soap.
If there are stains, or the leather appears shiny, use very fine sandpaper or use a metal brush or a piece of rubber.
You will see your shoes resurrected.

  • Canvas shoes

It is preferable to avoid the washing machine. The shoe should never be totally immersed in water because in the long run the glue between the sole and upper is removed. Also in this case it is better to rub with a damp cloth and Marseille soap.

How to dry freshly washed or very damp shoes due to rain or sweat?
For quick drying we recommend opening the shoes well, removing the removable insole, and leaving the shoes in a cool, ventilated environment (do not insert paper into the shoe).
It is important to let the shoes dry in the air, not in the sun (they discolor) and away from heat sources such as hairdryers or radiators (they wrinkle and lose their flexibility), until they are perfectly dry.
To perfectly clean leather shoes it is useful to use the inside of banana peels. The same perfect cleaning is achieved by using a clean rag soaked in warm milk.

Damp shoes? No thank you.

Never store damp shoes in a closed place: a real invitation to mould, fungi and bacteria. Let them air dry until they are perfectly dry.

With these tips we hope to have been useful for the maintenance and care of your shoes.